Core Exercise

Core Exercise

If you want hit the golf ball farther and are willing to train for it, maybe you should
analyze whether the core exercise methods you are using are going to give you what
you want.  Not all core exercise is equal. Some are stationary, some are slow, and some
are explosive. Each of these types of core exercise were made to develop certain kinds
of muscles or movements. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more traditional core
exercises. We’ll apply the laws of specificity in order to ascertain exactly what an
exercise will do for you.

First, there are many core exercises methods that are virtually stationary. These include
various uses of the Swiss or Gym balls. Here’s a lady  who has a golf fitness column
doing a prone plank. Athletes are told to hold this position for one minute. This type of
exercise can also be done without the ball.   
Proponents of these types of core exercise say it will “increase speed, power, flexibility,
and subsequently decrease potential injury. But can it produce the power or speed they

If we apply the laws of speed training specificity to these exercises we won’t see it
bearing any resemblance to speed training.  Here are the 4 fundamental laws of
training for speed.

Movement pattern-
Contraction type-NO
Contraction force-NO

So why exactly do they do these exercises? Holding a position like this for one minute
will train one’s slow twitch postural muscles. But are these the same involved in
swinging a golf club 120 miles per hour? Don’t think so. Second, there are a variety of
active core training exercises using Swiss and medicine balls. Here is another exercise
below with a medicine ball.
“Place the legs over the Thera-Ball and squeeze the ball from the heels towards the
gluts. Press the navel towards the spine and the spine into the floor. Hold here and
breathe! Lift the ball off the floor and on the exhalation bring the left shoulder to the
right knee. Switch sides. Repeat for three minutes. Move slowly!”

Here are some other classic medicine ball exercises below:
Or this one can be done overhead or side to side
The ball is passed from  one  person to the one behind.
How do these exercises stand up to the speed laws of
Movement pattern-
Contraction type-Somewhat
Contraction force-Not enough
Contraction velocity-Not fast enough

Core training exercises that are slow will help a golfer be stronger and help with injury
prevention but probably won’t help with creating more clubhead speed. When the
instructions say to “Move slowly!” that should be a signal that it is not an exercise
designed to facilitate speed production.

On the other hand, Vitesse Sports Technologie’s
Torso Burner creates core exercises
that are indeed fast and explosive.

Movement pattern-
Contraction type-YES
Contraction force-YES
Contraction velocity-YES

As you can see, we train at the body’s highest velocity and push the limits on our
speed performance during each set. No other training method can achieve this
velocity, force while matching the movement patterns of the core during the golf swing.
No other exercise can achieve the incredible improvements in performance because
they can’t abide by the laws of specificity.
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