Golf Swing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I buy this instead of the Momentus or other weighted clubs?
If you want strength, buy a weighted club. If you want to increase your clubhead speed,
consider trying the speed chain. Weighted clubs cannot be swung fast; therefore
following the laws of specificity, one will more than likely not increase speed.

How does VST’s Golf SpeedChain work?
It creates a variable weight resistance that allows for high acceleration at the initiation of
the downswing. Then milliseconds later near impact, it compels the golfer to produce
huge amounts of force thereby allowing one to increase his/her strength at the point of
contact. In physics this is increasing one’s impulse or applying one’s force for a longer
period of time.

How long will it take to increase my speed?
Our tests show that a majority of people that try it for the first time will increase their
speed by two to ten miles per hour. It does require consistent usage (three times per
week minimum) in order to retain that increase of speed but nevertheless increases of
speed are steady thereafter.

How much distance will I gain?
Each mile per hour increase translates into roughly 2.2-2.5 yards of distance.

Will it throw off my timing and make me lose my accuracy?
On the contrary, the Golf SpeedChain will help with the timing and enable you to gain
accuracy. According to Dr. Hosea, a biomechanical scientist, pros and amateurs
produce different levels of force at critical points during the swing. Amateurs use and
waste all their force early in the downswing and have very little left for impact. Pros, on
the other hand, produce speed early, then huge amounts of force at impact. The
SpeedChain was designed to mimic the patterns of the pros’ swings and will also help
you swing like they do.

Can it help fix my slice?
Yes it can. The laws of specificity state that exercise will “groove”
movement patterns in the neural pathways. If done correctly the speedchain can fix one’
s broken swing. The best way would be to see your PGA professional and follow his
instructions while working out on the speedchain. This will accelerate the learning
process and get you swinging faster at the same time.

How safe is it? The speedchain is safe as long as you follow the instructions for
placement. The intuitive nature of the speedchain allows the golfer to exercise with only
the amount of resistance he/she can handle. As one’s speed and strength increases, it
will come up with the necessary increases in resistance. Therefore no one will overload
too much and get hurt.

Can I swing this indoors?
Yes, you  need an area of about 10 foot by 14 foot.  You do not need a high ceiling
since one only takes 1/2 swings with it.

Resistance bands are also popular for getting stronger and it takes up less
space. Should I get those too?
No, rubber bands only provide linear resistance that does not come close to mimicking
the movements of a multi-planar, circular swing. Doing exercises with pulleys suffer from
the same linearity so while it may make you stronger n that direction or plane, it has little
to do with a golf swing.

Is there a workout plan that I can follow?
Yes, you will get the workout plan when you purchase the speedchain.

How long does it take to complete the workout?
A short workout can be as short as five minutes. If you wish to get stronger, faster, it will
take 20-30 minutes per workout to complete.

Who else is using it?
The Universities of Hawaii and Louisville were the first in the nation to be introduced to it
albeit for baseball and volleyball primarily. The Leadbetter Junior Golf Academy is also
using it as well as a number of PGA Professsionals and Long Drive

Can it be used as a warm-up?
Yes, we have spotted some golfers using in the parking lot of the golf course. Just a few
swings and you’re ready to go.

Will I get bulging Arnold Schwarzenegger arms from doing the workouts?
No, but you will get toned very quickly and lose fat. VST is doing preliminary research in
the weight loss field since golfers are reporting losses of weight and fat with continued

Does it come with a warranty?
Yes, VST provides a 1 year warranty.

What if I religiously do the workouts and don’t increase my speed?
Can I get my money back? Yes, we’re so confident that you’ll increase your speed and
power that we’ll give you your money back if you don’t gain any distance. Just do the
workouts for 3 times per week for 30 days and you’ll see the difference.
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