Golf Instruction

Golf Instruction

Millions of golfers each year take golf lessons or seek golf instruction. It can be from
their local PGA professional or from their friend, who always has a few good golf tips.
“Tiger does this” or “Phil does that”, they say.  But here’s the question, can your body
do what their body can do?

In other words, these PGA tour players are tremendous athletes first and great
golfers second. If they weren’t professional golfers, they might be playing major
league baseball, ATP tennis, NFL football, NBA basketball, or some other sport. They
have god-given physical gifts that the average athlete cannot compete with much less
copy. The best golf instruction in the world won’t change one’s slow and uncoordinated

One just has to look at the PGA Tour to see that there are a variety of ways to
effectively swing a golf club.  The bottom line is whatever type golf swing you want to
it has to be repetitive to be effective.  The speedchain can help you groove
this swing you desire.    

The SC does not  discriminate between contrasting teaching methods.  Why?  Because
it follows any movement your hands and arms make.  Therefore, you are not only
grooving the swing you desire, you are making those golf specific muscles FASTER and
STRONGER in the process.

Vitesse Sports Technologie has created the
SpeedChain and the Torso Burner with
you in mind. Train with our products and it will give your body the explosive power that
you desire. It will also enhance your coordination so that you will be able to “accept”
golf instruction better. Then, after receiving golf instruction, you can use the
SpeedChain or Torso Burner to build the correct swing habits as well as the specific
golf muscles needed to accomplish that movement.
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