Golf Swing Speed

Golf Swing Speed

If you’re looking for golf swing speed, you have come to the right place. Vitesse Sports
SpeedChain and Torso Burner  are helping golfers develop fast, strong,
golf specific muscles. Users are increasing their clubhead speed on average by 5-10
miles per hour in the first month of training.  Several users have reported increases of
more than 10 mph.

The neurological pathways for fast twitch muscle recruitment can be developed in
seconds not months or years. Thus, golf swing speed enhancement can transpire this
quickly and can sometimes be magical in its sudden appearance. We’ve even seen one
golfer increase his swing speed by 20 miles per hour in just one short five-minute

If your golf fitness trainer or your personal trainer is telling you that it will take months
before you see real improvement in your game, question why? The SpeedChain and
Torso Burner can produce results in less than a month.  We are confident we can get
you to your genetic potential faster than any other golf-training program on the market.

So save your money on fancy training programs using words you don’t understand. You
don’t need to learn the scientific name for each “weak” muscle in order to make your
golf swing speed increase.  If you’re not doing explosive exercises, how will suddenly
become explosive during your golf swing? Only by doing intense, explosive exercises
can you improve your swing speed and driving distance.

The three best ball-strikers in most people's minds are Moe Norman, Lee Trevino and Ben Hogan.
The one thing that all three were missing that is a part of today's game is raw power. There is no
substitute for clubhead speed. It widens your capabilities  tremendously in terms of ball flight. That's
why I think that Tiger will join this group of greatest ball-strikers. With Tiger it's often like a heavyweight
fighting middleweights.

- Hank Haney,
Tiger Woods' latest swing coach    
Each mile per hour equals approximately 2.2-2.5 yards.  
Other factors include optimal launch angle and spin rate.
Clubhead Speed
Average Carry
70 mph
162 yards
80 mph
184 yards
90 mph
206 yards
100 mph
228 yards
110 mph
250 yards
120 mph
272 yards
130 mph
294 yards
140 mph
316 yards
Using Driver:

Average golfer is appox. 85 mph

Average PGA Tour Player is 110-115mph

Tiger averages 125mph

Top Long Drive Competitors are above 140 mph
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