Golf Swing

Golf Swing

Are you a golfer with a pretty good golf swing that is frustrated by a lack of distance and
high scores? Do you think you should be getting more distance out of your golf swing
even though others tell you that you have good mechanics? Were you a good athlete
in your younger days only to be out driven by your smaller, maybe older playing

If that is the case, Vitesse Sports Technologie and Z2 Golf believe the problem lies not
necessarily in your golf swing, but possibly in your training program.  Many studies
state that hitting the ball farther is a result of being on the correct plane.  While these
studies are compelling and may be true for some, there are many golfers with on plane
swings and still cannot hit the ball very far. So what gives?

Vitesse Sports Technologie believes that there are two major reasons why golfers don’t
hit the ball far. The #1 reason for golfers’ lacking distance is AEROBIC EXERCISE!
Believe it or not, aerobic conditioning, which we have all been taught to do, may be
downfall of speed and power generation. Why? Because aerobic exercise recruits slow
twitch endurance muscles instead of the fast twitch muscles responsible for power and
speed. Thus, if you wish to condition yourself for the stamina to “last” the 18 holes,
continue on with jogging and the treadmill. But be careful, it may be slowing your swing

The second biggest reason for a golfer lacking distance is WEIGHT TRAINING. Yup.
“Get stronger”, they say, “then you can hit the ball farther.” But all you’re doing is
making yourself move slower. There’s some scientific evidence discovered recently by
Dr. Ken Baldwin showing how weight training makes one’s muscles contract slower.

As a contrast to this, haven’t we all seen teenagers with absolutely no weight training
absolutely hit the ball out of this world? So unless you want to be a power lifter, don’t do
a lot of weight training.

The solution? VST’s
SpeedChain. It can train your muscles to generate more speed
than ever before. So don’t bother trying to change your golf swing, just let the
SpeedChain develop your muscles to put more power and speed into the ball.
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