Golf Training Aids

Golf Training Aids

There are hundreds of golf training aids on the market today. Products range from
swing guides or tracks, lasers, swing strength builders, impact devices, tempo gadgets,
etc. Each one of these golf training aids promises a better swing, more distance and
lower scores.

Thus, golfers are inundated by television infomercials, magazine and newspaper ads
aimed at selling them a better golf game. How does one pick the right golf training aid
for you? Just remember this, most golf training aids are used for two or three weeks
then they become dust collectors in your garage. If they don’t produce the desired
results in a short period of time, the motivation to continue diminishes.

That’s where Vitesse Sports Technologie’s
Torso Burner and SpeedChain excel. VST’s
golf training aids can do whatever those other products can do, only faster. Results will
become visible in just a few workouts, sometimes in just minutes.

Since we’ve already discussed the technical merits of the SpeedChain in previous
articles in relation to speed development, let me show you how you can use the
SpeedChain to build consistency and a better swing in a short period of time.

The golf swing is a complex skill requiring much coordination between body, limbs and
the golf club. Thus, learning to swing correctly is a difficult task. What can help a golfer
build more consistency and technique is to follow the advice of motor learning experts.
They say that motor learning and skill building takes place when intrinsic feedback is
present. We learn best when there is visual, auditory, proprioceptive and vestibular
(balance) feedback. Let’s discuss each of these to see how they will help you develop
a better swing.

First, visually the SpeedChain shows a path of the movement you just performed. If you
swing over the top, it will readily be seen. Movements of the chain mimic the
movements your swing makes. This will allow you to constantly monitor your swing
flaws, if you have any.

Second, auditory cues can be heard. Over the top swings will bring the chain towards
impact on a steeper angle making louder sounds if done incorrectly. Contrastingly,
correct swings will bring the SpeedChain down on a flatter, shallower plane thereby
making softer sounds when hitting the ground.

Third, proprioceptive or feel is always present. Since the SpeedChain is a variable
resistance that changes with every bit of movement, this does not let the
neuromuscular system fall asleep. It must constantly monitor the changes in tension or
resistance and this facilitates the development of skill. On the other hand, isotonic
devices like the weighted clubs offer only static resistance that does not excite the
neurological system.

Fourth, vestibular or balance feedback is always present. As the user swings the
SpeedChain fast, efficiency and balance are learned as a byproduct. It is similar to the
rock being tied to a string and swung around in a circle. If wobbling occurs, the wobble
is felt and can be adjusted for in subsequent swings. As the wobble decreases, the
efficiency of movement increases and the motor firing patterns become more
synchronous. This is how coordination is developed.
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