Speed Chain Instructions

SpeedChain/Torso Burner Instructions Page

Consult with your doctor before attempting these exercises.
The first video clip is a student
who is demonstrating the
continuous rep method(non stop
10 reps in 10 seconds).  He is
also swinging more vertical or
down the line.  He went from
130mph clubhead speed in 2002
to a high of 152mph in 2006.
Golf Speedchain Instructions Below.
Swing through to this position.  Half follow
through or less.  Right arm is parallel to
ground or 3 o'clock postion.  Concentrate
on full extension while keeping chain tight.  
You do not want to feel slack in the chain.  
Swing either down the line or towards right
field. (right handers)
Take your normal golf stance.  
Position bulk of chain 3 foot in front
and 3 foot to the right of your right
foot. Left handers do opposite.  
Start with little waggles to get a feel
and rhythm of the chain moving.
Take half backswing(or a little past).
Left arm parallel to ground or 9 o'clock
postion.  Keep the chain moving fast.   Try
not to pause in the transition.  Keep the
chain tight.  Concentrate on
effort on the downswing.
*Notice slight hill.  Chain is below
feet for added safety.  
I. Safety and Set-Up

Before using the speedchain, it is important to meet the appropriate surface and space requirements.  Your
surface should be clear of debris and an area of about 10 feet by 14 feet is sufficient.  The more you use the
speedchain, the more efficient you will become in the space that you need.  There are no height requirements
since we are taking 1/2 to 3/4 swings.

If done indoors, perhaps a garage, basement, or main living area, it is recommended to protect your floor
covering.  Commercial grade carpet remnants work well.  One can also use the speedchain outdoors.   Grass as
a surface works well.  The longer the grass, the more resistance you will notice due to the chain catching on the
grass.  Do not use on hard surfaces such as concrete.  The hard surface could damage the links.

Do not tie the end (ballast) to an object such as a heavy weight.
  This can add stress to the chain.  Z2 Golf offers
an extension chain for added resistance and ballast.  Call 1-877-685-4698 to order.  Extensions are $15.00
including shipping.  

II.  Choosing the Correct Model

There are 3 models and each model up provides more resistance and ballast.  See our speedchain page for
model chart and speed ranges.  This chart is just a guideline.  If you are unsure of which model, we recommend
choosing the stronger of the two.  An indication that you may have a model that is too weak is if the ballast end is
whipping around substantially.  Using the speedchain on grass or buying our extension is a good option for this
concern.  The extension chain easily clips onto the end of your existing speedchain model.

III.  Measuring Results

We recommend that you have some sort of way to measure your results.   For each mile per hour you increase
your clubhead speed, this translates into approximately 2.2-2.5 yards in distance.  A  measuring device which we
recommend is the Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer or
SSRTT  which can be purchased on our
speedchain page.  The SSRTT also measures tempo time which can be valuable information.

IV.  Repetition Defined

One repetition is back and through.  One can either swing down the line or towards right field (right handers).
Half to 3/4 swings are applciable.  See above captions.

V.  Tempo

You will find that the faster the tempo, the better the speedchain will perform for you.  This will prevent slack in the
chain and assist in keeping the speedchain tight.  Most tour players swing in under 1 second, meaning from the
start of their swing to impact.

From a science perspective, the stretch shorten cycle is speed dependant.  In general, the faster you stretch and
load your golf muscles, the faster they will rebound and contract in the opposite direction.  So this is a good
reason to keep your tempo as fast as possible while still maintaining control.

VI.  Duration of Reps/Sets and Energy Systems

We recommend keeping sets in under 10 seconds.  This is usually anywhere from 5-9 reps depending on if one
uses the continuous method or interval method.

There are 3 main energy systems which the body utilizes.  Any activity that requires a sustained effort longer than
2 minutes will utilize the
AEROBIC ENERGY SYSTEM.  Jogging would be an example of this type of exercise.

ANAEROBIC LACTIC ENERGY SYSTEM is used for medium to high intensity bursts of effort that last
between 10 seconds and 2 minutes. Lactic acid is being built which can cause muscle soreness. It usually
takes 5-10 minutes to recover from this type of effort.

ANAEROBIC ALACTIC ENERGY SYSTEM is limited to bursts of high intensity work in less than 10 seconds.
Recovery from this effort is usually less than one minute.   And this is the type of energy system we want to follow
as much as possible.  This will enhance speed and explosiveness in the golf swing.

VII.  Pre-Swing

The first thing one has to do is place the bulk or ballast end of the chain in the correct position.  For right handers,
it should be about 3 feet in front of your right foot and about 3 feet to the right.  For left handers, do the same but
opposite your left foot. One also wants to make sure that the chain is not twisted or kinked.  

Get in your regular golf posture and stance.  It is important to waggle to get a little rhythm of the chain moving.  In
fact, just doing these little waggles back and forth in a rapid manner is a good way to get a feel for how the chain
needs to be kept tight when swinging.  This is also a good way to learn how to build rhythm when doing your reps.

VIII.  Continuous Rep Method vs. Interval Rep Method

There are basically two ways to execute your reps in under 10 seconds, which makes a set.   One is the
continuous method and one is the  interval method..  

The continuous method is swinging the speedchain as many times or reps as you can do in 10 seconds without
stopping.  An example would be 9 reps in a row in under 10 seconds..

The interval method is taking little breaks in between reps.  One will swing one hard rep, the pause (maybe a
second or two) and then do a couple  little waggles with the chain to keep the rhythm going,  and then do another
hard rep.  Usually 5 reps is attainable in 10 seconds.

Either way is acceptable.  

IX.  Workout plan

When it comes to a workout plan, everyone is different and has their own limitations, so reps and sets may vary
depending on the individual.  A short workout can take as little as 5 minutes and a higher end workout can take
20 minutes or more.     

You should  follow the guidelines for training in the ANAEROBIC ALACTIC Energy System as much as possible.  
And train with at least one minute rest in-between sets.  Emphasis should be placed on hard quality reps,
especially from the initiation of the downswing through the impact zone.  

A good rule of thumb is when you start to feel fatigue or tired it is time to stop.  Tired muscles are slow muscles.  
We recommend having one day of rest between workouts.  Every other day or 3-4 times per weeks is sufficient.

One can also use the speechain for a quick warm up before a round.  Just a couple sets and you are ready to go.

X.  Troubleshooting

If you are struggling to get the speechain to perform correctly, read the possible errors below.  Or, call Z2 Golf at
1-(605)359-6223 or e-mail us at

1.  The number one error is swinging the speedchain too slow or having a pause between your transition from
backswing to downswing.  What happens here is you will get slack in the chain and as a result, the chain can get
too close to your body.  Keeping a rather fast tempo will help in keeping the chain tight, especially in the transition
from backswing to downswing.

2.  Another possible problem is following through too far.  This can also cause slack in the chain and can cause
backlash.  For right handers, your right arm should be parallel to the ground (or short of parallel) on the follow
through.   Another way to get a feel for this is to swing from from 5 o’clock to 7 o’clock (assuming the ball is 6
o'clock) FIRST, to get a feel for the rhythm and how the chain stays tight.  Once you get a feeling for this, then go to
the hard 9 o'clock to 3 o'clock drill.

3.  One could also have the incorrect model.   If you are noticing the end whipping or moving around too much to
the point where it is getting close to your feet and legs, you may either consider getting the next stronger model or
getting our extension chain for additional resistance and ballast.  Another possible option could be to swing the
speedchain on short grass (2-4 inches) instead of a smooth surface like commercial carpet.  This will provide
additional resistance, ballast, and safety.
Torso Burner Exercises:    
PDF Written Instructions click here.

Wood Chops- Core strength and speed    
The "Twist"- Explosive core speed and strength
Twist with Jump Pivot- Explosive pivot and core exercise
Lateral Shuffle- Lateral movement strength and stablility
Shoulder Turns- Put bar behind shoulders and turn as in golf swing
Hip Turns- Put bar behind hips
Tricep Pull down- TRICEPS-palm down
Biceps Curl- BICEPS- palm up

*Each exercise should be done for eight seconds
*Do two sets of each exercise
*Do as many repetitions in those eight seconds
Torso Burner
Notice position
of the bulk of
the chain.
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The second clip is a
demonstration of the interval
rep method (little breaks in
between reps),5 reps in 10
seconds).  He is also
swinging on a flatter plane,
slightly baseball style.  
Torso Burner clip below:
Torso Burner vs. Medicine Ball Clip