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To the Staff and Management of Vitesse Sports Technology and, I've
been training for long drive competition for about 5 years now. I've been looking for
different swing specific exercises in the weight room and also with training aids. In my
opinion, your variable weight chain system might be the best training aid that I've come
across. It allows me to train specific muscle groups not only for strength, but most
importantly, for speed and explosion at the right time in the swing. These are exercises
that cannot be duplicated in the weight room or with any type of bungee/rubber band
device. Since training with your system, I've noticed a dramatic increase in my swing
power and swing speed (close to 140 mph and ball speed 190 mph).

Last week I won a local long drive competition with the help of your equipment. As a
student of power in the golf swing, I understand the unique qualities of the SpeedChain.
I hope that more athletes will discover as I have, your program and all the benefits that
can be obtained with it.

- Gary Mamiya, LDA member & Longdrive competitor


Dear Z2 Golf:

I wanted to take a moment to inform you of my progress, and most importantly the
progress of my students as a result of utilizing speed chains.

Upon receiving the speed chains I quickly implemented the prescribed workout program
into my practice regimen and the regimen of my students. The results have been
fantastic. Concerning myself, my clubhead speed increased from an average of 108.7
mph to 115.2 mph after using the speed chains for 2 months.  Not only am I longer, I am
more accurate and in control of the additional speed as the chains are developing my
acceleration and deceleration muscles.

As indicated, more importantly, I have implemented use of the speed chains into the
development of the players I coach with great success. Yes, the speed chains assist with
developing increased speed and power, but I feel the real benefit is in the improved
swing technique which results. The players quickly understand use of the big muscles
andsustaining lag. The speed chains force the player to utilize the proper muscles in the
correct sequence. As you are aware, this sequence is rhythm - which is timing. In my
years of teaching rhythm is the hardest aspect of golf to teach, but is probably the most

Thank you for developing speed chains. As a result of my own increased power, I
believe I have moved beyond the level of the strong set of chains. Therefore, please
send me a set of the XX Strong chains.  I will utilize the strong set for the players I coach
as they develop in addition to the standard set I previously purchased.


Bob Sloan
Director of Instruction
Olympia Fields Country Club


Since using the chains, I've increased my swing speed from 107mph to 113mph. Using
thechains with different swing drills has also gave me a greater feeling for the correct
swing, which lasts longer than other swing trainers.  
- Ivan


VST's Golf SpeedChain increased my clubhead speed by 15 mph in eight months of
training. In only minutes per day, I went from 73 mph to 88 mph. Weighted clubs did not
help me but this powerful tool did.  
- Keoni L. (12 year-old junior golfer with a 9 handicap)


Within 2 months of training with VST's Golf SpeedChain, my distance increased by 50
yds.! I could only hit a hundred yards with my driver and now I can hit it 150 yards. Not
only has it changed the way I play the game, but it is also an excellent exercise tool. I
went from a size 4 to a zero and I’m more fit than ever.  
- Terri H. (44 year-old mother of four beginning golfer)


Before I started working out with the speedchain  my clubhead speed was 105mph.
Currently and am pushing 120mph. It has not only increased my distance but has
improved my ball striking as well.  
- Brad (PGA Professional)


The first time I tried the power swing chain it increased my clubhead speed 10 miles an
- Curt (15 handicap Tempe, AZ)


Doing a test, my average swing speed in 3 swings was 75 miles an hour.  After working
out with the Speedchain for only 3 minutes, I swung 3 more times with my driver and
averaged 95 miles an hour!
I could really feel the correct muscles being used in the golf swing.
-Steve (23 handicap)
© Z2 Golf Inc.
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